The Brand

Founding Partners and Entrepreneurs, Josh Boyd and Derek Graham, began their careers in the corporate world. Experiencing first-hand the impact of 12-Hour office days- which routinely ended with late night calorie-rich social dinners, Josh and Derek finally had enough. Choosing to break the cycle and face change head on, Josh and Derek decided to put their health first as they were “sick and tired” of being sick and tired. After all- if they weren’t at their best mentally, emotionally and physically, their business endeavors, relationships and overall health would pay the ultimate price.

Founding the 12 Week Fitness Challenge, Josh and Derek both achieved unprecedented levels of fitness.  The nutritional knowledge gained and High Intensity Interval Group Training experience opened their eyes to a prescription that was powerful for change. However, they also recognized the role that community played in their personal achievements and realized that this was part of the dynamic platform that was needed to propel their success. Aligning the core components of sustainable nutrition education and group training in an environment that was fostered by motivation, support and solutions…The 12 was born.

The 12’s Group Training classes target specific muscle groups daily, providing clients of every shape, size and ability with a focused workout that reveals irrefutable results.  We utilize a scientific approach that is designed to produce the maximum results.

Relentlessly working to bring The 12 experience to life in locations near and far, The 12 began in 2013 with 90 members and has grown to over 7,500 active members as of 2016. By joining forces and following their purpose, Josh Boyd and Derek Graham have been able to touch the lives of many and cherish each day their team of dynamic professionals gets to impact their community. Recognized as industry leaders and innovators, The12 continues to be on the forefront of the fitness industry, always and in all ways.