Nikki Boyd

Director of Nutrition

A California native, Nikki grew up in Huntington Beach. At the young age of 3, Nikki fell in love with dancing.  This passion continued into her teenage years when she was chosen to study with the Pennsylvania Ballet to train in their Summer program.  She participated in this program for 2 Summer seasons, and truly wanted to someday become a professional ballerina. Throughout high school , Nikki still enjoyed ballet but developed a new love for jazz and the commercial side of dance. After she graduated high school and became a freshman at USC, Nikki decided to audition for the chance to become a Laker Girl. At 19 years old, Nikki made the team on her very first audition.  She cheered during the Lakers 3rd win of their very first 3-peat.  It was during her time as a Laker Girl that Nikki discovered another love: fitness.

When Nikki joined the Lakers she decided that it was time to take her physical fitness to another level. She started working with a personal trainer who introduced her to the weight room. Her passion for fitness continued to grow. Soon she began to save everything she was earning as a Laker girl to pay for her training. It was well worth it in her mind…she felt and looked great on the court! It required a lot of energy to be a full time student and a full time Laker Girl. Being healthy and fit made it easier for her to balance both. The only missing piece to this puzzle was Nutrition. Nikki knew nothing about food and the role it ultimately plays in overall health.

Growing up a dancer, Nikki was conditioned to think that the less you ate the better.  The only thing that mattered in the dance world was the number on the scale. There was no emphasis on lean mass or body fat.  As a Laker Girl, it was required that you remain in peak physical condition. Yet, there was also no nutritional guidance offered. just needed to be “skinny”. This ultimately led to very unhealthy eating habits for Nikki.  Her diet completely lacked nutritional value. It primarily consisted of sugar which gave her plenty of “energy” throughout the day without truly filling her up. After all—she was in crop tops for every Laker game. Nikki didn’t realize that she was literally starving herself from valuable nutrients that her body needed to function properly. In looking at past pictures, her hair was shorter and thinner…a result of not enough protein. Her muscles were softer and lacked strength—even though she was working out daily.

After leaving the Lakers, Nikki continued working with a personal trainer. In fact, she did so for 6 years!!!  She learned that she was more athletic than she realized and LOVED the challenge of difficult circuits.

Fast forward a few years where Nikki met her amazing husband Josh Boyd. Every Friday they would eat Italian food and drink wine…and then Nikki would wake up early to undo the damage by running for long periods of time. It wasn’t until after her wedding, and Josh decided to do his first 12 Week Fitness Challenge, that Nikki realized how her nutrition had been holding her back. Completing the 12 Week Fitness Challenge with him, she learned how incredibly important EATING was to her overall health.

The Challenge fostered a new love of fitness for both Josh and Nikki. So, when Josh came to Nikki a few months later telling her he was going to quit his job in the mortgage industry and give 100% of his efforts to The 12, Nikki didn’t hesitate in supporting this critical decision. Josh was PASSIONATE about using nutrition to change other people’s lives. Nikki never once doubted his ability to create something truly unique.

In January of 2014, when Nikki was given the opportunity to coach people going through the 12 Week Fitness Challenge, she felt that a prayer had been answered. She came to LOVE helping others learn how to change the way they look at food! Whether you turn to it for comfort, or run from it—everyone has some sort of emotional attachment to food. The primary purpose of the 12 Week Challenge and the Nutritional Coaching is to teach people how to look at food differently. It is to show them how you can use food to become the healthiest, happiest, and most productive version of YOU yet!

“The food we eat influences every aspect of our life from our productivity at work, to our relationships, to how we raise our children. Your health is the most important investment you can make in yourself. Your decision to take control of your health starts with what you eat. We are so blessed to have incredible training at The 12. We are even more blessed to have the nutritional expertise as well.  Arguably, the food is the hardest part of truly getting healthy. You can eat when no one is watching! Our coaches offer accountability…they offer support and knowledge. They are educators that tailor your food SPECIFICALLY to your body. No other facility goes into that much detail. I am thrilled to be offering our monthly Nutritional Coaching here at The 12. I cannot wait to help you learn how to fuel your body and develop a healthy relationship with food!”- Nikki Boyd, Director of Nutrition at The 12


  • Bachelors Degree: University of Southern California, Dean’s List Graduate.

  • ISSA: Certified Nutritionist, Specializing in Fitness  and Sports Nutrition

  • Evolution Nutrition Certified