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What is The 12?

The 12 offers dynamic group training classes that are known for their unparalleled community experience. Combining the latest innovations in the fitness industry with scientifically designed, circuit-style, high intensity interval workouts developed for maximum caloric burn in under 60 minutes, members of The 12 discover real, sustainable results. Fueled by their community-centric philosophy, The 12’s signature group training classes are available at all three of their Orange County, California locations including Irvine, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach. They also offer a nutrition program with its headquarters located at their Costa Mesa location, providing meal plans and nutrition guidance to clients who are looking for specialized support. Virtual nutrition coaching is available for clients nationwide. The Costa Mesa location is also home to their Signature Club, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and personal training services. Additionally, premium grade supplements are available for sale at all locations.


We offer set time classes that generally hold 30-45 people per class. Each session is led by a 12 Certified Group trainer, who ensures you are pushing yourself, while safely guiding you through your class, in a motivating group environment. The 12 is the country’s best High Intensity Interval workout all based around the EPOC effect so that we can help all of our members achieve the maximum Calories Burn and Fat Loss.

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Challenging the status quo, The 12 is recognized as an industry leader in boutique fitness for the mass market. Innovating the industry through their group training platform, the brand fuses together plateau-proof, boredom busting workouts with a carefully curated community focus. Often imitated, yet never duplicated, The 12 and their award winning team have earned much acclaim for their forward thinking approach to transformative workouts that produce unparalleled results for men and women at all fitness levels.


The 12 is all about experience. Classes target specific muscle groups daily, providing clients of every shape, size and ability with a focused workout that reveals irrefutable results.  The 12’s Signature Group Training philosophy utilizes a scientific approach that is designed to produce the maximum results while keeping members engaged as a community.



Relentlessly committed to maintaining their standards of client experience, The 12 continues to be on the forefront of the fitness industry, shining a spotlight on the evolution of fitness as we know it, with a structured business model that has been refined for optimum performance. 

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Opportunities are available for franchisees who share our same passion, drive and commitment to bringing The 12 experience to neighborhoods across the USA.