The 12’s Nutrition Program offers customized meal plans, knowledge and resources to help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Need to lose weight but don’t know where to start? Feel like your workouts are only taking you so far? Looking to recover post pregnancy? Our tailored approach analyzes what each person’s needs and goals are to develop a recipe designed for individual success.

Nutrition is not one size fits all. The 12’s Nutrition Program also delivers the “WHY” behind each nutrition decision so you can understand the reason and science behind the personalized plan that was developed just for you!


Designed to provide essential core nutrition, macronutrient, and meal planning education, this premier level of nutrition coaching assists clients who require advanced support on their health and wellness journey.


The Foundation level of The 12's Nutrion Coaching Program combines a refined overview of Nutrition 101 with selective, personalized coaching. 

Here is what you can expect from our results driven Nutrition Coaching:

  • Weekly Meal Plans: Tailored specifically to your needs and activity level.
  • Weekly Shopping Lists: So you know exactly what to buy without the guesswork.

  • Weekly Body Fat Testing: Real metrics + feedback on how to improve overall results.

  • Educational Meetings: Learn about nutrition and its effect on your health and hormones.

  • Learn:How to lose actual body fat, keep it off and still EAT!

  • How to maintain your progress in a healthy manner.

  • How to eat off of your plan and still make progress!

  • How to recover from the unexpected cheat meal, day, or week.

  • Achieve an overall healthy relationship with food built on what balance means for YOU.

  • Gain a fresh perspective that allows you to become a better version of yourself and in turn, help others do the same.